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143rd Legislative Candidate Announces Endorsement from the Independent Party

Nicole Hampton, Republican candidate for the 143rd legislative district, representing parts of Norwalk and Westport announced her endorsement by the Independent Party. “I am truly honored to receive the Independent Party endorsement, as I believe it allows me to demonstrate to voters my center right leanings. I will also uphold the Independent Party’s philosophy of ensuring open and honest government, with realistic objectives,” Hampton stated.

Hampton continued, “I want to reach out to all voters in the 143rd District. I care about the everyday voter, not just party labels. There is a large contingent of both independent and unaffiliated voters that also need representation and I will give them a voice. Many voters do not identify as Republicans or Democrats and I feel elected officials must be willing and able to represent everyone in their district and understand all sides of an issue.” Lisa Brinton, a member of the Independent Party State Central Committee, representing the City of Norwalk stated; “I’m pleased Nicole received the Independent Party’s endorsement.

She’s committed to amplifying election reform, so we can have more balanced discussions in our General Assembly on issues like education, mental health and public safety. Nicole is committed to common sense policies like fairer state funding, and renewed focus on student academics and mental health to promote both a safe learning and living environment for students and families.”


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